Defining The Westernport is as hard to pin down as a chip packet in the sea breeze.

Located on the beach in San Remo, The Westernport means something different to everyone and offers something different every time you visit. Sort of like wearing a new pair of socks with your favourite, old pair of boots; it’s comfy and familiar but just a little bit different.

But at The Westernport there is one thing that always stays the same, as reliable as salt in the sea air and sand between your toes, and that’s the feeling you’ll take away with you after a night with us.

It’s that feeling of making a new friend while catching up with your old ones, like hearing a cracking new band who slip in a sneaky cover or the realisation that with a beer in hand, music in your ears and friends by your side, life is pretty bloody good.

Welcome to The Westernport.